We strive to produce Belgians that are outstanding family companions... 
Our goal is not only to produce dogs that exemplify the breed standard, but to breed dogs that are ready to
 join their families in just about any endeavor.  Be it the show ring, the tracking, agility or herding fields, the
obedience ring, the backyard or couch, our dogs can do it all...
Most importantly though, they excel at being a best friend & companion.

We have a limited breeding program with a strong focus on temperament, type, health, beauty and outstanding pedigrees. 
All of our puppies are raised underfoot in our household and extensively socialized using the 'rules of 7'...
however it's usually like 10 or more!  Our puppies are fully guaranteed,microchipped and sold on contract to approved homes only. 

Companion puppies are sold on AKC limited registrations and required to be spayed or neutered as per contract. 
We also require that even our companion puppies have basic health checks done at the age of 2 - 2.5 years.
Those health checks include OFA x-rays of hips and elbows, thyroid testing and CERF eye exams. The reason for this
is simple... if we don't know what we are producing how can we be sure we are doing right by our beloved breed?
  We feel so strongly about this that we offer monetary incentives for testing...passing results or not. 
Show and or breeding prospects are sold on co-ownerships only.
Inquiries are invited & references are available

If you're interested in any of our litters, please contact us & fill out our survey

 e-mail us

no puppies planned for the Poconos in 2010/ 2011
but we will be doing a co-breeding with our good friends  -- Andrea Debbins of Peloton Belgians in MN as well as
Greg and Bonny Shepherd of ThreeRivers Tervuren in WA 
Contact us for more information.

NEW!  litter history...so far - a work in progress, we'd love to see more health results from our earlier litters...hint, hint


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