chi∑mer∑ic (k-mrk, -mÓr-). adj.    also    chi∑mer∑i∑cal (k-mr-kl, -mÓr-, k-)

  1. Created by or as if by a wildly fanciful imagination; highly improbable.
  2. Given to unrealistic fantasies; fanciful.
  3. Magical

Almost 17 years ago, we saw our first Belgians...and so the quest to add a Belgian into our lives began.  Little did we know then that our lives would be irreversibly changed by the purchase of that puppy, Saba.  Our family thinks we've gone over the edge, but our dog friends understand all too well.  Belgians become a passion...and you can't have just one!!  These days we share our home, lives and furniture with 9 Tervuren from ages of 10+ to a an eight month old.

A sense of humor is an essential ingredient in living with Belgians.  Each of our dogs has a unique personality and they keep us entertained with their antics.  We keep them entertained with a never-ending supply of tennis balls ;-) and activities.  However, they also enjoy just being with us...sharing our company.  It's been said 'you'll never be alone with a Belgian' ..and it's true, they are our constant companions.  Our lives have been enriched in many ways by our involvement in dogs - and these days, it's hard to imagine a life without Tervuren! 

  Our dream?   Belgian Tervuren who not only conform to the standard but are blessed with beautiful type, robust health and good characters and we want to produce dogs that are fun to live with too!  Our very limited breeding program focuses on achieving just that.  Only time will tell if we're too fanciful/chimeric  or the meantime, we're enjoying the ride!